Paroli – solutions for storing bicycles

We haven’t reinvented the wheel, but we’ve given a lot of thought to storage. More and more people are switching to bicycles. Bike rental is booming. Many hotel guests also arrive with their own bikes.

Where can you safely store your guests’ expensive mountain bikes, e-bikes and bicycles though? Where do you put all the bike racks in winter? We have a solution for you – the Paroli storage systems.

Mr. Ski & Bike
Fahrraddepot Bike Flexi
Paroli Ski Bike Flexi
Paroli Ski Bike Flexi
Paroli Ski Bike Flexi
Flexi Bike klappbar
Flexi Bike klappbar
Flexi Bike mit Akkuschiene
Flexi Bike mit Akkuschiene
Flexi Bike mit Akkuschiene
Mr Ski & Bike
Mr Ski & Bike

Why commit when you can be flexible?

Ideal for bicycles in summer
In winter, there is space for skis, snowblades and snowboards.

Ideal for all hotels, apartments, mountain stations, huts and bicycle rental outlets.
Creates order in every cellar, including in your home

Mr Ski & Bike

Paroli Mr Ski & Bike

  • Bike safe accessible from both sides in summer, safe ski storage in winter
  • Space to lock a mountain bike or two racing bikes
  • With a socket for an e-bike charger

Paroli wall panel

  • A hit in summer and winter
  • Modern design
  • Stable construction with resistant coating
  • Can be set up, rearranged or dismantled within a few minutes

Our recommendation: Paroli staff lockers

Beheizter Umlufttrockner

A neat job

  • More order and cleanliness
  • Different types
  • Made of galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated

Also from Paroli:
Paroli shoe dryers

Paroli Schuhtrockner

Dry feet are not a luxury

  • Available in different sizes.
  • Suitable for sensitive materials, riding boots and rubber boots.
  • Also ideal for construction, fire brigade or food processing work.
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